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Let’s be honest – you’re not here for branding fluff. You want real results that create impact for your business. That’s what we deliver.


We are a Brand Growth agency centered on delivering real results

At Oblique, we specialize in bringing your business to the fullest potential. By harnessing the power of your brand and your story. We transform your business into a well-known brand with our proprietary Brand Breakthrough Method to fuel growth and drive profitability.

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Take a course or purchase one of our guides designed by our experts to fast-track your business growth.

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Work with our team of passionate brand designers to get your brand completely reimagined and ready to tackle your goals.

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Get advice directly from our experts in a group or one-to-one setting, to ensure you are on the right track to breakthrough your plateaus.


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Is your brand living up to its fullest potential? Or is it underperforming? In just 5 minutes, you can get your free, personalised brand strength score that can help you identify the key areas of your brand’s success.


Your brand is so much more than just looks...

Your brand is made up of so much more than just your identity. It’s about discovering the best ways to communicate your story out to the world to create impact that drives growth for your business. 

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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website, UI UX

Unicorn Trust


New Client Acquisition Within 6 Months.

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The Food Merchant


Social Followers acquired within 2 years
with 3 million reach per year.

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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website

Xora Mattress


Worth of online sales during the first 3 months of operation.

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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website

The Benchmark


Increase in client engagement via website and social channels.

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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website, PACKAGING

Roostar BY HARUMi


Positive brand appeal and engagement feedback

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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Website



Growth in partnership and consumer confidence


The Untapped
Potential of Branding

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Start Charging A Higher Premium For Your Offerings

Engaging in a pricing war is a surefire way to the bottom, and we’re sure you don’t want that for your business. You may not realise that the true key to ending price competition and starting to charge a premium for your offerings lies in the power of effective branding.

Warren Buffet invests in brands because he believes that it is one of the strongest ways to retain pricing power with a compounding effect.

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Create A Business That Withstands Test of Time

Creating a business that withstands time involves more than just a unique product. It requires understanding your market, establishing a recognisable brand identity, and adapting to evolving trends. Your business needs to be anchored in trust, loyalty, and deliver consistent value.

By maintaining your brand position while innovating and evolving, you can build a business that thrives amidst change.

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Stand Out Against A Crowded Marketplace

The primary struggle we observe in our work with numerous businesses is their tendency to become generic versions of other companies. Without deep insights into a clear strategy that defines your brand’s unique value, you risk being stuck in constant survival mode. This approach can hinder growth and ultimately lead to your business’s downfall.

Effective branding is the key to uncovering breakthrough insights and strategies that can drive new growth opportunities for your business.


The Impact Of Branding
In Every Scenario

We understand the struggles. If a business isn’t growing, it’s stagnating. Our mission at Oblique is to help businesses ascend to the next level and fulfill the potential they were meant to achieve.

We totally understand. It’s extremely tough to stand out in today’s highly competitive markets. The more generic your brand voice, the tougher it will be to break through the noise. That’s why we’ve designed the Brand Breakthrough Method. This method is crafted to help businesses like yours cut through the noise and discover new ways to present your business, enabling you to stand out in a crowded industry.

You’ve achieved a certain level of success, but you know your brand has the potential for so much more. Finding new markets, keeping your brand relevant, and outshining competitors can feel like scaling a mountain. One way to overcome these brand plateaus is to discover fresh ways to position your brand or present your offer. With our framework, we help you uncover insights that may have previously been hidden, unlocking the potential for major breakthroughs.

We understand the challenges of the current branding and marketing landscape. There’s a wealth of generic advice and trend-based concepts that no longer apply in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. At Oblique, our approach isn’t about quick-fix hacks or tactics that aren’t sustainable or effective for long-term brand success. Instead, our framework focuses on uncovering the core truths behind your business and formulating a strategy that delivers lasting results so your brand can stand out in the marketplace, remain relevant amidst change, and consistently engage your target audience for enduring success.

It’s common to mistakenly equate branding with merely refreshing a company’s identity or taking a design-based approach. However, branding delves much deeper than what is commonly understood. At Oblique, we never approach branding as merely a visual-based, shallow exercise, nor do we expect it to single-handedly perform miracles for a business. Branding is about delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time — a process that involves much more than what design alone can accomplish.

The most if not one of the most important reasons that we do branding is so that we can differentiate ourselves from the commoditised version of our products and charge a much higher premium for our products or services. Warren Buffet invests in brands because he believes that it is one of the strongest ways to retain pricing power. As our brand and the audience around it scales, our brand becomes a huge compounding vehicle that will stand the test of time.

A growing business, a shift in overall business direction, or the introduction of new products often necessitates a reassessment of overall brand positioning and strategy. Brands that started off small and experienced significant growth need to redefine their approach to tackle new business challenges and establish a stronger market position. We assist businesses in strategically navigating these shifts and crafting communication strategies to successfully introduce their evolved brand to the public.

We're here to make your business infinitely better.

At Oblique, we’re more than just a branding agency. We’re your strategic partners in growth, committed to helping your brand overcome obstacles and reach its full potential. 

We’ve spent years helping businesses like yours that are not widely known and having to navigate through competitive landscapes and competing on price only to come out on top and become industry leaders.

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